We have all had that moment. You know, the one you thought was perfect; it had great lighting, beautiful subject, impeccable composition, and what you thought from the quick glance the focus just where you wanted it. Then you get back to your computer and you find that the focus is just off, completely ruining an otherwise fantastic shot. If only you could adjust that focus plane and fix the picture. Enter the Lytro camera. This is truly a revolutionary camera, engineered for just such a purpose. The camera captures the entire light field in a photograph. So what does that mean. Well as the saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words. So I am going to stop writing for a bit and I want you to play with the sample images. They are fantastic!



A fascinating technological advancement in photography! For more amazing samples as well as a signup to be notified when the camera becomes available can be found at the Lytro website http://www.lytro.com/