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Macphun is releasing a brand new creative kit on October 15th! If you have ever been interested in one or all of their software products, now is a great time to get your hands on it at a steep discount, along with some great bonuses to help you utilize the software to it’s potential.

The new Creative Kit includes all six of Macphun’s powerful photo editing products.

FX Photo Studio Pro



Experiment with thousands of different looks for your photos.
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Intensify Pro



Reveal hidden details of your photos. Try the power of 68 professional presets.
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Tonality Pro



Bring back the old-style photo filters and rethink them with Tonality Pro.
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Snapheal Pro


Erase any unwanted objects or details in your photos with great precision and simplicity.
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Focus Pro


Emphasize what matters the most. Use a combination of smart blur controls and powerful lens effects.
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Noisless Pro



Rescue your low-light shots by getting rid of pesky digital noise on your photos, while preserving details and structure.
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For the next day they are allowing customers to pre-order the suite of products at a great 80% off. Check out the launch page at and see if perhaps this is a good fit for you. If you think that even just one of these pieces of software may be useful to you then this discount is for you. The pro software typically costs 69.99 for each product.

The major advantage to the pro software is plug in support for your other professional tools. Check out Macphun and I don’t think you will be disappointed with their software.


Macphun Creative Kit Pre-Order