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Macphun Creative Kit 2016

Macphun is releasing a brand new creative kit on October 15th! If you have ever been interested in one or all of their software products, now is a great time to get your hands on it at a steep discount, along with some great bonuses to help you utilize the software to it’s potential. The new Creative Kit includes all six of Macphun’s powerful photo editing products. FX Photo Studio Pro     Experiment with thousands of different looks for your photos. – via   Intensify Pro     Reveal hidden details of your photos. Try the power...

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Lytro: The camera that will change photography… Forever

We have all had that moment. You know, the one you thought was perfect; it had great lighting, beautiful subject, impeccable composition, and what you thought from the quick glance the focus just where you wanted it. Then you get back to your computer and you find that the focus is just off, completely ruining an otherwise fantastic shot. If only you could adjust that focus plane and fix the picture. Enter the Lytro camera. This is truly a revolutionary camera, engineered for just such a purpose. The camera captures the entire light field in a photograph. So what does that...

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Developing an Artistic Eye: Composition

Photography as an art is one of our most realistic representations of the world that we have, It can capture extraordinary detail in a way that no other medium can. This can be a double edged sword in that we can often get complacent with the realism and forget about the artistic. In the “Developing an Artistic Eye” series of articles we will be discussing artistic properties as they pertain to photography and will develop ideas on how to best use these properties to produce stunning works of art. We’ll begin the series by discussing the concept of composition....

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Getting Into Photography: Choosing a Lens

The choice of purchasing a new lens shows that you are interested in diving a little deeper into photography. So with so many choices on lenses how do you decide on what would be the best next lens? Well there are a few things we need to think about before we venture into specifics. Ask yourself these questions: What do I want to be able to do with my camera? Find photos that you really appreciate and ask yourself, how did they get that shot? If I were to recreate this shot what would I need, how would I...

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White Balance Lens Cap

Photojojo store you can purchase a lens cap that will fit on the front of any camera lens so you will always have the ability to make a custom white balance profile wherever your camera goes! Check it out by clicking here.It comes with two domes one for neutral and one for warm light. I would recommend signing up for their newsletter as well, they write great articles on some of the coolest photography gear and diy projects....

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